The Fourth International Conference of Linguistic Studies ICLS2020

The field of Arabic linguistic studies has acquired several experiences and various attempts. Arabic language in the cultural scene has also witnessed a great turnout from all over the world; and in response to that, received increasing interest from academic institutions, particularly universities and international institutes. However, many of these experiences have not sufficiently been studied, nor have they been made public. These experiences have not been employed to serve the community. In addition, the challenges and obstacles, which happened for many reasons and effects, may cause its deterioration. To eagerly bring forth these experiences and make them public, the Steering Committee of the International Conference on Linguistic Studies decided to choose the theme of this year’s conference as “Contemporary Experiences in the Linguistic and Literary Studies” to discuss this academically significant issue from various angles, revealing its quality, importance, and role, as well as studying its obstacles and challenges, and consequently find out mechanisms to overcome them, ways to develop them in universities and institutes of the world, and the possible application for them in reality.

Conference topic: Language creativity of knowledge (Integration, Communication, and Revitalization)

Conference logo: Towards contemporary linguistic creativity.

Organizer: Al-Madinah International University – Malaysia

Conference sponsor: Executive Director of Al-Madinah International University – Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Fadlan Bin Muhammad Othman

Conference Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Flayyih Mudhhi Ahmed